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Kyle Griffin Biography

Kyle Griffin is a famous television personality, a veteran producer, writer, presenter, supervisor, who has served at reputable media outlets including Yahoo! and MSNBC.

He was born in July 1986 to Harry and Janice in New York, United States. Kyle is a well educated man with Bachelor of Arts degree, Masters degree among is certification. He is an outspoken man, married in 2015 to his gay partner, Joel Steven Meares. Read on to learn exclusive story of Kyle Griffin, his detailed biography, parents, age, education; his career so far, job and positions he's held and many more facts you should know.

Wiki Profile Summary

  • Real name: Kyle Michael Griffin
  • Nickname: Kyle Griffin
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: July 10th, 1986.
  • Place of Birth: New York, USA.
  • Age: 36 years old (2022)
  • Father: Harry P. Griffin
  • Mother: Janice L. Griffin
  • Spouse: Joel Steven Meares
  • Sister: Kelly Predmore
  • Net worth: $500,000
  • Career / Profession: Media Personality, Social Media influencer
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Height: 6 feet
Kyle Griffin
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Who is Kyle Griffin?

Kyle Griffin is a well-known American media personality, internet publisher, and influencer who was born in New York. The television producer and seasoned writer was born in New York, USA to Janice L. Griffin and Harry P. Griffin.

As a child, the well-known writer, social media influencer, presenter, producer, and entrepreneur grew up in Upstate New York, attended college in Albany, and graduated from George Washington University. In 2015, he married his long-term partner, Joel Meares. Kyle Griffin is best known in the United States as the producer of "The Last Word" on MSNBC.

His Age

Kyle Griffin was born on July 10, 1986, in Albany, New York, USA. In July 2022, he will turn 36 years old.

Kyle Griffin
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Griffin Family

Kyle Michael Griffin was born to American Christian parents Janice L. Griffin and Harry P. Griffin. His father, Harry, was a media marketing consultant for the Time Union (an Albany daily newspaper), and his mother was a preschool teacher at the Small World Nursery School in Troy.

Who is his father

Kyle Griffin's father's name is Harry P. Griffin, and he is a retired media marketing consultant at a daily newsstand in Albany, New York.

Who is his mother

Kyle Griffin's mother, Janice L. Griffin, was a local teacher at a nursery school in Troy.


Kyle Griffin is a well-educated and literatti man. He enrolled at The College of Saint Rose in 2004 and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and English.

After graduating in 2008, he went on to earn a Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Public Relations and Political Management with honors from The George Washington University. He finished this program in 2010.

Kyle Griffin then studied television and screenwriting at New York University between 2019 and 2021.

Kyle Griffin
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Kyle Griffin is a well-known figure in the media, including social media. Throughout his career, he has worked for reputable companies such as Seven Network Limited, Yahoo!, MSNBC, NBC News, and WNYT.

Kyle worked as a Production Assistant at WNYT in the Albany, New York area from September 2006 to January 2008.

He also worked as a Production Assistant at MSNBC in the Greater New York City Area from March to September 2008.

Kyle Michael Griffin joined NBC News in September 2008 as an Associate Producer for "Early Today," leaving in October 2009.

Kyle Griffin worked as a Producer for "PoliticsNation," "The Ed Show," and MSNBC Live in late 2009, where he oversaw and managed all video content and produced and scripted on-air monologues for Reverend Al Sharpton. Framed content for Sharpton's voice and audience, frequently focusing on social justice issues. He resigned from his position in 2012.

Kyle was working as a television Associate Producer for Yahoo! in Sydney, Australia in March 2013. He created original news and entertainment content for Yahoo! for the next three months. There are at least seven websites and social media platforms. In addition, he developed and implemented online strategies that reflected the tone and voice of individual programs.

Kyle Griffin worked as a Senior Producer for Seven Network Limited in Sydney, Australia, between May 2013 and July 2015. He was in charge of hours of editorial content across two news programs, as well as setting the news agenda and coming up with day-of content ideas and long-term programming/repeatable segments. Kyle was also in charge of all editorial decisions in the control room during broadcast. He created live and packaged video content, managed a writing team, and assigned stories.

Kyle Griffin then began working as a Segment Producer on his most famous work, "The Last Word," in August 2015. He was tasked with writing a compelling, topical opening monologue for the host every night. He collaborated with the host to develop and refine the script thesis to reflect his/her voice, and he also enhanced the storytelling experience with audio-visual elements. Kyle Griffin also contributed to the editorial planning process for this program with story ideas and guest pitches until 2019.

Kyle worked as a Senior Producer for The Last Word in the Greater New York City Area between August 2019 and February 2022. He was in charge of overseeing the show's execution in the control room, supervising the editorial vision of the program, and writing an original opening monologue for the host, as well as reviewing and copy editing all scripts. This man manages, coaches, and mentors the cast of the show. He was also available to organize the daily broadcast and long-term projects' planning processes.

Kyle Griffin is still employed by MSNBC in the New York City Metropolitan Area as a Senior Producer for the same program, "The Last Word."

Kyle Griffin
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Kyle Griffin married his gay partner, Joel Steve Meares, on October 3, 2015, in Townsville, Australia, after six years of dating. Their wedding was held privately in the Lucas Confectionery restaurant in Troy, New York, and only a few of their closest friends and families were invited.

Joel Steve Meares

Joel, Kyle's partner was born in 1985 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. He is well-known for publishing his book "We're All Going To Die (Especially Me)" in 2015, and he also works as an online content editor and a regular book editor.

He was born in Townsville to Starlena L. and Danny S. Meares and is a well-educated man who graduated from the University of Sydney with a bachelor's degree before continuing his education at Columbia University.

Kyle Griffin
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What is his Net worth

Kyle Griffin worth around $500,000.

Social media

Kyle Griffin is a very active on social media especially Twitter. He is reachable on Twitter: @kylegriffin1, Instagram: @griffinkyle, LinkedIn: @kylegriffin1.

His Height

Kyle stand 6 feet tall.

Where's Kyle Griffin now?

He is currently residing at ManhattanManhattan, New York, United States.

Facts about Kyle Griffin

  1. Kyle Griffin is a gay
  2. He's worked in reputable companies
  3. He is bilingual
  4. He is multi talented, he is a writer, producer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur
  5. He was born in 1986 at Upstate, USA
  6. He currently resides in Manhattan, New York
  7. Kyle eye color is blue
  8. He has a blonde hair
  9. He got married in 2015 in Australia
  10. He is an avid reader
  11. He loves hiking
  12. Traveling and golf is his hobby as well. recently published an article on Abbi Jacobson. Abbi Jacobson is a well-known Jewish-American comedienne, illustrator, author, actress, and voice artist. Susan and Alan Jacobson, a gifted and talented family, gave birth to her in 1984.

This Kyle Griffin Biography and Story.


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