Ms Miri Biography: Age, Career, Net worth and Social Media

Ms Miri Biography

Ms Miri is a well-known model, ex-academic, internet celebrity, and content creator. She was born in Canada to a middle-class Christian family in 1986.

She began her career as a model and vlogger. She worked as a varsity lecturer before being dismissed after a controversial incident happened in 2021.

Miri has over 500k followers on major social media platforms, where she posts beautiful photos, reels, and skits. She has also been the face of several lingerie and makeup companies.

Find out exclusive story of life, works, career and controversies surrounding the Canadian model, Ms Miri, her real name, age, family, spouse, physical attributes, social media accounts and many more fact.

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Ms Miri
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Who is Ms Miri?

Ella Miri, also known as Ms Miri, is a well-known model, content creator, online personality, and former university lecturer. She was raised in a Christian family in Canada.

Ms Miri rose to prominence after one of her clips went viral on the internet, and as a result of the explicit content in the video, she was fired from her job.

She is well-known in the entertainment industry for her beautiful appearance and attractive body shape. Miri was born in Canada in 1986. She has received a number of endorsements from clothing companies.

Ms Miri's photos and 18+ content undoubtedly gained her thousands of followers. Since then, she has been pursuing a modeling career.

How old is she?

Ms Miri is 36 years in 2022. She was given birth to in a local community in Canada.

Her Education

A learned Canadian native who was educated in Canada. Ms. Miri never spoke about her education or where she received her diploma, but as a former lecturer, it can be assumed that Ms Miri was well educated and intelligent.

Ms Miri
Ms Miri Credit: Tellygupshup

Her Career

Miri developed an early interest in modeling and acting; she began as a fashion model while attending college and quickly rose to prominence.

Ms Miri, a Business Administration graduate, was an academician from the start. He tutored at a Canadian college for a while before OnlyFans' explicit topless photo went viral.

The College authorities then relieved her of her duties in 2021.

Ms Miri has been focusing solely on her modeling and adult content creation since her dismissal. The TikToker has made a name for herself on various social media platforms, where she regularly posts videos and photos.


Ms Miri is currently not in a romantic relationship with anyone because she has not publicly disclosed anything of the sort. There is no evidence of a romantic relationship on public domains or social media, nor are there any rumors about her status.

Ms Miri is well-known among young people for her content, and she actively participates in the posting of content on social media sites. Ms Miri never talked about her relationship or her family in public. She still has a disconnect between her personal and social lives.

Ms Miri
Ms Miri Net worth Credit: Tellygupshup

Ms Miri Net worth

Ms. Miri's net worth is estimated to be in the $500k range. This is due to her successful participation in the adult entertainment industry.

Social media

Ella Miri is a frequent social media user; she can be found on Instagram as @ms_miri_ella, where she has thousands of followers, and on Twitter as Miri Ella_. She is also an avid TikToker, who can be reached at @msmiri. Furthermore, her adult content is available on Onlyfans under the handle @ms miri.

Ms Miri Instagram

Ms. Miri is a social media sensation who posts silky photographs with passionate captions and outstanding reels. She is extremely visible and frequently shares her photoshoots in stunning outfits and striking poses. She began her social media influencer career by posting modeling photos on Instagram.

Ms Miri TikTok

Ms Miri is a well-known Tiktoker, model, and celebrity from Canada. She has appeared in numerous TikTok videos, and she is known for her stunning looks, appealing smile, modeling postures, fashion sense, and exceptional personality. Ms. Miri is regarded as one of TikTok's most talented female users. She is best known for her humorous videos, amazing dance videos, and lip-syncing on TikTok. She also uploads swimwear videos and lip-sync videos.

Her Physique

Ms. Miri stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 62kg. She is stunning, with grey eyes and blond hair, and an amazing slim figure.

Where's Ms Miri now?

The internet celebrity is currently residing in Canada.

Facts about Ms Miri

  1. Ms Miri real name is Ella Miri. 
  2. She is a Canadian.
  3. She was born into a Christian family. 
  4. She studied in Canada. 
  5. Ms Miri loves travelling, studying and modeling. 
  6. She was once a university lecturer.
  7. She is currently single.
  8. She was born in 1986.
  9. She has blond hair.
  10. Ms Miri is a member of Onlyfans. recently published an article on Veronica Perasso. She is a well known model, actress, fashion enthusiast and internet celebrity.

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